September 5, 2011

Saturday INDESIGN 2011

Insitu Furniture Showroom on Saturday Indesign

Smith Design Studio was asked to take part in "The Project" for INSITU furniture as part of their Saturday Indesign installation.

Zeitram stand at Milan Fair earlier this year 

We collaborated with students from UTS to come up with an installation that explored the idea of “elements” as well as spatially uniting the three designated furniture spaces: The Wintergarden, The Lobby, and the main interior space which featured new pieces from this years Milan Furniture Fair. The students came up with some fantastic ideas included Frances Millett , Caitlin Seymour-King , Elizabeth Macovaz, Kaitland Burrows and Ingrid Sutedjo, supervised by Nadia Wagner. 

The main idea behind the showroom design was to “Change Your Perceptions”. INSITU Furniture no longer represents just polypropylene and office furniture, but has brought in some of the best residential, commercial and outdoor ranges of furniture seen this year. The layout and mini rooms created within the showroom invited guests to sit, feel, touch and interact with the furniture. The pieces were purposefully not put on a podium or display, so that designers could experience the furniture first hand, whilst enjoying a glass of wine on the day.

The installation that was chosen from the students was the work of Fran Millett, what a talented standout! Her idea was to gently incorporate an element that embellished the space, without diverting our attention to the furniture. The installation is 100% reused materials, including INSITU furniture’s existing furniture tags, which were ritually woven into the black string curtains. Fran was inspired by the new range of Zeitraum timber furniture, a German brand that uses timber from local renewable forests, EU flower label textiles and chromium free leathers.

The Project installation (Images courtesy of Jacqui Wagar at Insitu)

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